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La Isla Shopping mall Cancun


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La Isla Shopping mall Renovation proposal


. Considering the two dominant wind directions in Cancun (South wind [higher temperature] & North [lower temperature]).

. Constant building deterioration during seasonal Hurricanes & rainy seasons (June - Nov )

. A long period of sun exposure during the day, due to Terrazas Nichupte's location.

. Creating more Traffic  flow, by converting the Terraza Nichupte to sheltering and expansive environment during sunny and rainy days.

. Easy boat access for clients, who are loading & unloading from Isla and their interactivity within the plaza.

. Have access to fresh airflow, inside restaurants during pandemic contingency.

. And last but not least, for cost-effective solutions, for both restaurant owners and project developers.


Interior Architecture & Design  by Annie Ayva

Proposal June 2021  located Cancun -Q.Roo

The conclusion: The use of OpenSpace Design with sustainable materials, and renewable energy such as Solar Panels.

In this regard, for the airflow, we suggest two levels of ceiling heights, the frontal ceiling of 3.50m and the back ceiling of 5m.

For structural durability during hurricanes and natural disasters, we suggest Steel IPR beams, with frame wood-slatted ceilings and Durock Roofs to hold the Solar Panels. The use of an IPR steel column covered with decorative hardwood from the area mounted on the concrete base, adds more structural stability.

As a decoration, we suggest curved steel beams, which add more design value to each restaurant.

Not to mention that by the installation of Solar Panels and the use of Ceiling fans, A/C & fresh airflow will be super accessible for the restaurant owners and client satisfaction during warm weather is guaranteed.

La Isla Shopping Mall Cancun
La Isla Shopping Mall Cancun
La Isla Shopping Mall Cancun
La Isla Shopping Mall Cancun
La Isla Shopping Mall Cancun
La Isla Shopping Mall Cancun
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