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Hospital Galenia CoffeShop and central area


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Hospital Galenia Cancun

1st phase of building with 12 rooms

4 operation units

Emergency area



Medical Offices

20 medical offices

Project area 10000m2 | 107,639.1ft² 

Interior Architecture & Design  by Annie Ayva

2005 - 2006

located Cancun - Q.Roo

Galenia considers one of the high Specialty hospitals in southern Mexico, located in Cancun, Quintana Roo, awarded with three international accreditations. This modern facility presents a medical infrastructure with advanced, technology and a highly trained and well-accredited medical equipment. Quality and patient safety are paramount to Galenia Hospital."


From the site analysis, a layout plan was created to maximize comfort, tranquility, and trust. The layout was also specifically designed to manage workflow circulation throughout the interior space, replacing the harsh hospital environment with the soft comfort and balancing space, where the focal point is in the airy cafeteria facing towards the garden, bringing peace of mind to the patients.


This Caribbean minimalistic boutique hospital also contains more than 41 medical offices. The entire building has a harmonious color scheme from Galenia’s corporate identity which is also reflected in the materials used, including coated glass, furniture, wall texture, bed sheets and laminated wood finishing.


Just a step from the second floor's garden view, there is a nursery with animated vinyl walls, making the nursery more welcoming and more comfortable for newborns.


The first phase of the hospital and its medical offices had been completed in 2006.

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