Two Floor residential design & Interior architecture

Project area 600m2 | 6458 ft2


Interior architecture


Kitchen & Bathroom Design


Bar area


Interior Architecture & design  by Annie Ayva

2012-2013  located Cancun - Q.Roo

The concept of this two-floor style house located in Cumbres, in the suburb of Cancun, followed by the user's behavior and needs. Cancun is widely known for its extreme humidity, seasonal hurricanes and over nine months of long summer. Thus, some of the major concerns for the architecture and interior design were focused on natural ventilation, fresh air, and natural light combined with the design of the house.

Due to kids high sensitivity, numerous allergies to dust and humidity, and their safety all the paints are antibacterial, and the ventilation system has extra fine air softener. The windows have extra crystal protection for both the hurricane and security. The entire house is under surveillance by the iPhone, so the kid’s security can be guaranteed.

Some of the furniture was also passed down from generation to generation but all the furniture in the house was custom made using local wood. The long open kitchen gives the opportunity for family gatherings and for kids to safely be around their parents. Now, this house can provide comfort, relaxation, and safety for all family members.


This house was completed in October 2013.  It took a total of one year and a half, for construction and designing both the interior and exterior. 

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