HOTELBEDS Head office Expansion  

Hotelbeds was founded in Spain in 2001. In 2007, the company became part of the Accommodation & Destinations Sector of TUI Travel PLC. Hotelbeds delivers effective solutions for travel suppliers and travel distributors around the world. The company provides all the essentials from hotel accommodation to activities, transfers, and experiences. Hotelbeds has a global presence with market-leading positions in 47 countries across Europe, USA, Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


For the head office project and its importance in Latin America, the two-floor space in the building was initially divided according to each department and their functionality (lobby, office, meeting room, admin, reps room, etc.). Extra consideration was to have no walls meanwhile to create friendly productive atmosphere, which the new layout plan converted these enclosed spaces into an open space.

As a rapidly growing company, this open space layout could also be beneficial in the future when hiring more staff. Double height was also added at the foyer and a connection was made from the lobby to the staircase, with an artificial waterfall.


The layout plan was also tailor-made for Herman Miller workstations. The window cases doubled as a storage space that connected to the workstations, so even though it is an open office space still looks clean and sleek with enough storage for files.


Interlocking and open spaces were created to manage privacy across public and private spaces.  To compensate for the loss of private rooms and enclosed spaces through this new layout plan, a lounge with glass walls and a self-service pantry was created for more casual meetings.


The building façade was also redesigned and interior zoning was rearranged. The color scheme from the Hotelbed’s corporate identity was also reflected in the materials used, including wall colors and coated glass.

Hotelbeds Head office


Tourism offices for over 450 employees

2000m2 | 21527.82ft² construction area 

Herman Miller Modular furniture with none cubical office

spaces to create a friendly atmosphere

Designed & Supervised by Annie Ayva

Date Nov 2008 - July 2009

Cancun Q.Roo

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