Restaurant Puerto Abrigo


Seafood Restaurant | 1000m2 | 10763.91ft² area

Modular furniture design

Circular acrylic separators with metal suspension

Hand made wave walls.

Designed & Supervised by Annie Ayva

Date July 2007

Cancun Q.Roo

  • Architecture

  • Interior Architecture

  • Construction

  • Commercial & Residential

  • Interior Design

Puerto Abrigo means port of refuge. The restaurant is a reflection of the menu and dining style "Dine & Lounge" in the safe waters.


The architectural research proceeded with an exploration of the spatial implications of the name and the potential architectural manifestation of its phonetic structure.


The use of open space, hand made wave walls, with defused lighting, the floated acrylic separators, combined with open kitchen, creates the trust and elevates the mood for a relaxing comfortable seafood lounge in Cancun.

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